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JUIC Euro Chopper / Euro Cut 

These are oversize blades particularly suitable for modern defenders. The Euro Chopper and the Euro Cut are similar blades, the main difference being the size, which is why they are covered in this section together.
The Euro Chopper approximate measurements are: Width 162mm, height 171mm (height is from top of handle to tip of blade) with thickness 5.5mm. The Euro Cut approximate measurements are: Width 158mm, height 164mm (height is from top of handle to tip of blade) with thickness 5.5mm.
Weight of the Euro Chopper seems in the range of 105-110g, whereas the Euro Cut in the range of 95-100g. Although this is a little heavy, the bat is very much bottom heavy, meaning the centre of gravity is much more near the handle than the tip of the blade. This tends to improve feel and control for modern chopper. Often used with a long pimple rubber and/or thinner sponged rubbers, the overall weight is generally not excessive at all.
Both blades have a dark outer layer (looks like abachi wood) which seems to give it a very soft feel. This is nice for chopping, and also makes it feel slow for the short game, which is good for control. The firmer inner layer and the overall quite thin blade give it s springy feel and the oversize gives it a big sweet spot. There is plenty of speed in this blade for attack, and the speed feels around OFF- to OFF when you start hitting or looping the ball. The handle only comes in straight, which usually suits twiddlers.
Review by martinspin from Martinspin TT videos 
JUIC Euro-Chopper
This is a very huge oversize blade with unbelievable measures:
Rubber length: 171 mm; Rubber width: 162 mm; Handle length: 17 mm; Thickness: 5.5 mm; Weigth: 110 g !!!
I'm playing this blade with a red MILKY WAY Neptune 0.6 mm and a black GLOBE 999 National and the total weigth is about 200 gram, a personal limit for my play.

This blade is bottom-haevy. The main emphasis is nearer to the handle then to the top. That's normal for many defensive blades like BTY Joo Se Hyuk or JOOLA Chen Weixing. The play with a bottom-haevy blade is very controlled and normally you get a higher arc when you stroke the ball. This blade is perfect for the Neptune who has a lower throw angle than other long pips rubbers like the TSP Curl P1-R. This blade is designed for long rallies. Don't forget body rotation because you don't get enough power without it and the ball often ends up in the net.

110 gram is very much. You can handle this weight with a thin long pips rubber. Such a haevy blade is designed for a long distance play. You hit the ball very late and your strokes should be uncalculable and dangerous. Such a blade is good to for chopping and counter looping. The use of the upper arm and the shoulder is highly recommended.

This blade has a soft touch but the harder core results in a great performance. It's faster then the Joo Se Hyuk and the Chen Weixing. The softer feeling when hitting the ball very thin is perfect for the defence with a long pips rubber. As OFF blade it provides a very fast offence from the half distance. That blade isn't fit for an single defensive play because it's too haevy. The Euro-Chopper is a blade for longer rallies and for scoring as an active player with topspin loops and counter loops. Use a long arm for counter loops. It's very simple to offend with the Neptune and this strokes are very dangerous because of the speed and the strange arc.

The JUIC Euro-Chopper isn't as springy as a NITTAKU Jie Schöpp but more then the Joo Se Hyuk and the Chen Weixing blades. This mid-springy blade is fit for a good balance in returning and creating spin. Move your wrist when you hit the ball to get a good control over the rotation. With very tacky rubbers like the GLOBE 999 you get an enormous range of spin variations. With this blade it's good to learn some special moves who are dangerous and often let you win the points.

The JUIC Euro-Chopper is almost a perfect blade for my allround play. I like the speed for my offence and the good control for my defence. In combo with a long pips rubber it's a perfect blade for a modern defensive play who takes on the initiative as soon as possible.

Edit: There is a soft feel when the contacts are light. The soft feel is good for chopping with the long pips rubber. The core seems to be harder and that generates the power when hitting harder and faster.