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JUIC Maple Shot Blade

This is a truly unique blade with its use of two outer plies of high quality maple wood. Great offensive capability with controlled speed for the offensive and spinning game.


  • Ply: 5W

  • Speed: OFF-

  • Thickness: 6.4

  • Width: 15.1

  • Weight: ~80g



Review by Der_Echte (with permission)

I had this blade for awhile when I first took up serious TT. It is an OFF - blade of 5 ply wood. I used this with Nittaku Hammond X 2.2 and Sriver FX 2.1.

Weight: 80 Grams
Thickness: 6.4 mm
Height: 15.5 cm
Width: 15.1 cm
Construction: 5 Wood, the outer veneers are maple.
Handle: Flared
Feel of wood on shots: Medium to Medium Hard
Offensive Class: Off -
Vibration: Average
Stiffness: Medium Stiff
Durability: Great. I have had a friend put his through some abuse. It seems these Juic blades put up with it well enough.
Looks: Won't win a beauty contest, but it will help you win POINTS, isn't that important?
Blade Surface: Smooth. Accomodates a lot of rubber changing without peeling off the veneers.
Handle thickness: A little thicker than most BTY, which I love.
Intimidation Factor: Nil. Just an OFF - blade. You intimidate your enemy as the match wears on.
Babe attraction factor: Negative, which is good. You don't want a lose of chicks hanging around you when you setup your offense, it gets distracting.
Balance: Outstanding neutral, not like BTY VSG series - head heavy. This blade has a great feel and fit to the hand.
Price: Average for a Japanese name brand
Value/performance: a bargain considering what you can do with this blade and how long it lasts.

Juic's marketing says: This blade is unique in its use of two outer plies of maple wood. Great offensive capability with controlled speed for the offensive and spinning game.

Der_Echte's No-Shit Observations: The marketing statement is free of deceptive or outright lies. This is a now frills, controllable blade with the ability to ratchet it up a few notches when you need to.

Match Performance:
You do you warm-ups of drives and loops and you are impressed with how this blade feels like it is a part of your hand - the balance, the handle, the moderately light weight -they all work together for control and confidence. Isn't that important in a blade? Vibration is average and not overwhelming. Loops are natural and have enough feedback. The blade gives a little on the loop, but hits stiff enough on the drives. Your passive shots go where you hit them. This blade does everything you want in an ALL class blade, but when you decide to up the pace, this blade gives you just enough power to get it by the opponent, but with the same control. Serves have good feedback and feel for the ball. You can block all day long to where you want, then finish the point when you are bored with watching your opponent throw fits, 'cause he can't get it by you and you are making a fool out him, running him side to side.

Conclusion: This blade is worth it if you want an unattractive blade that give the control of an ALL blade, but the oomph of an OFF when you need to turn it on. A technical offensive allround player can operate great with this one, so can a hitter - the blade will help setup you offense.