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JUIC Neo Anti 


"Juic Neo Anti kills the spin of your opponent's ball, and with its dead, slow speed gives incredible control. But the elastic surface combined with special sponge gives the added element of tricky spin when the ball is hit hard"


Review of JUIC Neo Anti (By Alex)

First impressions:
This rubber has a very slippery feel on the surface, but the topsheet is thin and the sponge is very soft. The sponge seems very porous, almost fluffy, and does not feel springy at all but very 'dead'.

First test run:
For chopping the control of this rubber is excellent, similar to long pips, but it does not allow as much variation as some of the grippier long pips out there. Still I felt I could generate some spin, and it had decent spin reversal.

Close-in it blocks remarkable well against fast loops... it seem to take the pace out of even the hardest loops, and return it real slow, mid-table with no spin. The soft and slow sponge is no doubt the key here...wish they used this sponge on some long pimple rubbers.

Similarly against slow loops, attacking them with a quick closed-bat action (as I do with long pips) worked very effectively.

Against slower spinney shots or serves, if you make light contact the spin reversal is big and it's very insensitive to incoming spin. Hit a little harder and it grips a bit, and it seems to take a lot of the spin off.

Against no-spin it's very easy to control and keep low. I could attack quite well with, but hitting it to hard does not work, since the real soft sponge just bottoms out, and you're hitting with the wood. You can certainly lift the ball with it if you dig the ball in a little, and attack with a slow mild topspin...

This rubber is far more versatile than the antispin rubbers I've tried before, and gives you a lot more options that just getting the ball back... Although it's not a long pimple rubber, it's properties are a lot like it, much closer than they are to inverted. The real slow sponge is something I look for in long pimple rubbers, but does not seem the common.

This rubber would have to be a real contender for those that are used to slow frictionless rubbers like the Dr Neubauer or Hallmark ones, and are finding it hard to adjust to the much faster and springier grippy long pimples...