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Merits of this new JUIC rubber cleaner II:

  • Because it's a foam, it's easy to use and less prone to spills.
  • Because is does not use a gas or aerosol it's safer and environmentally friendly.
  • It's  non-flammable so it can be transported via air.
  • Because it does not contain organic compounds it's safer and gentle on the rubber.
Cleaning procedure:
Juic Rubber Cleaner II
Preparation: Take out the bat, cleaner and a rubber cleaning sponge of soft lint-free cloth.
Spray the foam onto the rubber, pushing the bottle once or twice.
Spread out the foam with the sponge over the rubber surface.
Wipe the foam in and keep wiping until all the foam has disappeared.
Leave the rubber to dry.


Although this cleaning foam is very safe, please follow standard precautions:

  • This bottle is used for cleaning table tennis rubber, other uses are not recommended
  • If the foam goes into your eyes, please wash out with water . If swallowed, please drink water. if any abnormal condition occur, please see your doctor.
  • Please keep out of reach of children
  • After use, put the cap back on and keep in an upright position.