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JUIC offers a very wide variety of table tennis equipment, to suit all levels and styles. Since it can often be very difficult to choose combinations of rubbers and blade, below is a series of suggestions of rubber and blade combination to suits a range of styles. To purchase any of these combination, please visit our Table Tennis Online Shop where you can purchase the rubbers and blade, and it will be put together for you free of charge. Click on the name of the combo and it will take you directly to the online shop for this item.

This combination is suitable for a wide range of style and levels. The blade is high quality and has outstanding control and feel. Combined with the mildly tack 999 Elite Ultima it offer good offensive speed, outstanding spin potential and great control.
It makes an excellent setup for developing players, but still offer plenty of potential for players at the highest level that play a control and spin based game, rather than raw power.
For a more euro style game the JUIC Driva Smash 2.0mm would also combine well this this blade, offering a little more speed, less sensitivity to incoming spin, but not quite the spin potential.
The JUIC Euro Chopper is a very large blade, with a huge sweetspot and outstanding soft feel, making it ideal for a chopper style game. Although the blade feels quite slow for the defensive part of the game, when you start looping/hitting with the blade it generates good speed, probably in the OFF- to OFF range! The JUIC leggy is long pimple rubber with outstanding chopping abilities allowing you to manipulate spin and control speed with great ease. The JUIC 999 Elite Ultima rubber has a mildly tacky topsheet with a soft sponge, allowing you to control incoming spin, and generate huge amounts of spin yourself. The top-sheet appears less sensitive to incoming spin compared to most tacky rubbers, and even compared to some non-tacky rubbers, but the tacky surface allow you to generate great spin in both the short and away-from-the-table game, allowing you to control the game. Combined with the Euro Chopper blade, it still has plenty of power to put the ball away.
For a bit more power the JUIC 999 Elite Nano should be considered.
JUIC Texalium + JUIC Couga & JUIC Nanocannon
The JUIC Texalium blade is an allround blade with excellent feel and control, and high dwell time. Combine this with two rubbers among the fastest in the world, and you've got a very powerful yet controllable combination. Because the rubbers are so fast, an allround blade with good dwell time is required to allow you to still generate good spin, at high speeds. Certainly not a setup for beginners or developing players, but for the more experienced players that like to win point with powerful loops and loop drives...
For a little more control choose sponge thickness 2.0mm, for more speed and spin choose MAX thickness.
The JUIC Maple shot blade offer great touch in close, but also great power both close-in and away from the table. The unique properties of the Neo Anti rubber allow you to manipulate both the spin and pace with great control, and the powerful Varites rubber allows you to put any easy pop-ups or setups from just about anywhere in the court. This setup is geared for a more experienced player with a strategic type game, that can use the Neo Anti rubber to control the points, and use the Varites to finish the points when errors are made by your opponent.
JUIC Maple Shot + JUIC Shenron & JUIC Offense Ultima
This combination was actually designed by the manufacturer, and it makes perfect sense. The Maple shot is a stiffer blade with a harder feel, making it very accurate and effective for blocking and hitting / looping drives. The JUIC Shenron is a high speed rubber with a soft sponge, which combines perfectly with the harder / stiffer blade. The grippy surface with the soft sponge allows you to generate great spin, but combines with the maple shot is offers great hitting/ driving power. The Offense Ultima is a very spinny (for a short pimple rubber) rubber with a soft sponge. This makes it very effective for a blocking and hitting style game. A most common style for this is a fast and spinny  looping forehand with a blocking and counter hitting forehand.
The JUIC Shenron is specifically optimised to work with the JUIC Ecolo expander II, and the Offensive Ultima sponge reacts very well to treatment too. With this treatment the speed and spin potential is significantly increased, making it an even more powerful combination!
JUIC Air Large + JUIC Driva Smash
The JUIC Air Large blade is a fast carbon balsa blade, which gives it a very soft feel of the balsa, but the carbon layers enlarges the sweet spot and gives it a crisper feel on harder hits. Balsa wood makes a blade light, with a soft and slow feel on soft shots (excellent for touch shots!) but fast and powerful when you start hitting harder.
The JUIC Driva Smash has a soft and very grippy topsheet, and a fast medium hardness sponge. The rubber is suitable for just about all style of play, but it excels on hitting/driving /blocking, and it's remarkable insensitive to incoming spin.
Combine them together and you have a fast and powerful bat but still very controllable. The very grippy surface of the rubber allows you to generate a lot of spin on serves, and if anything is returned even slightly too high, this powerful balsa blade will allow you to attack fast with little effort. It will be outstanding for blocking as well, as the rubber is particularly insensitive to spin, and the fast rebound speed of the balsa blade makes blocking easy, accurate and fast.

More JUIC bat solution to follow shortly....