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JUIC Texalium

Juic Texalium blade – Versatile and outstanding feel
One of the best allround style blades we have seen. The feel is outstanding, it is of very high quality and comes with a very comfortable handle. Very suitable for developing players as the feel and control is simply superb, and you won't outgrow this blade as it is still used at very high level as well.
  • Plies 5 wood

  • Speed ALL+

  •  Thickness: 5.8

Review by: Der_Echte (published with permission);
This is a great ALL + Blade. I use it with Sriver FX and Reforma (flared handle). This blade is built for stability, comfort, and control. Weight is 85 grams. Head size is average & thickness is 5.8mm. This blade seems to fit me picky picky hand quite well and feels really balanced.
Offensive shots are possible and have great control. Loops feel fine and feedback is light to moderate. The blade has a somewhat softish feel to it - loops fine and has good control in the short game. The Texalium inlay is supposed to widen the sweetspot, my take, this blade works and costs USD $45 retail. This blade does what Joola Cat is supposed to do, albeit at a slightly heavier weight. All in all, I think this blade is great for any style of player except a defender.