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JUIC Kiso Hinoki

JUIC CO. Ltd. is one of the major Japanese table tennis equipment manufacturers,  produces a wide range of high end products of the highest quality, to suit the needs of players at all skill levels, including some of the world top players.
The JUIC brand may not be as well known as some of the other major manufacturers, but they have been operating since 1970, and their quality of goods is among the best in the world. JUIC have also shown some true innovation over the years in the design and manufacturing of new products, some of which were true breakthroughs in technology.
This website outlines some of the JUIC innovations in table tennis, and also provides information and reviews on JUIC blades, rubbers and accessories. Detailed descriptions and FAQs of products such as VOC-free speed glue alternatives will be covered, as well as reviews to highlight how well they work.
Juic sales and distributors details can be found in the 'About Us' section. The latest products and reviews are shown below, and will be updated regularly.
Latest updates:
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Review and hi-res pics of the Air Texa blade (Oct 07)
Oversize blade with a soft and slow feel for defense, but with good power for attack (Oct 07)
New optimised procedure for enhancing your rubbers (Jul 07)
Suggestion blade and rubbers combinations to suit a range of styles and skill levels (updated Mar 08)
Table of ratings for JUIC rubbers as supplied by the manufacturer. (Dec 07) 
JUIC Couga Tune-upComing soon: JUIC Tune-up rubbers!!!
VOC-free tuning technology for your favourite JUIC rubbers. A wide range of the JUIC rubbers will be available with German Tuning technology, provide a true speed glue effect and feel, but since it's VOC-free, will be perfectly legal under new ITTF glue restrictions. More information and reviews coming soon!
NEW: JUIC Elite Nano!!! 
The first Nano-tech rubber, "Couga", had a great impact on the table tennis world. The inheritor of Nano technology, 999 Elite Nano, carries the power of Couga and the explosive spin force of 999 Elite! The combination creates a fantastic new dimension to the table tennis world!
Read more about JUIC 999 Elite Nano

One of a Kind Trading is JUIC distributor in Australia, carrying all the products mentioned above, plus more. The full range of JUIC products can be found on the JUIC Japan website.