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JUIC 999 Elite Ultima 

"Fantastic! The JUIC Ultima high tension sponge is combined with the very popular spinny and fast JUIC 999 Elite topsheet to produce this 100% Made-In-Japan masterpiece! Softness, lightness, and speed is provided eloquently by JUIC 999 Elite Ultima with its 10% lighter than normal sponge. Combined with the fast, tacky, and spinny 999 Elite topsheet,
you obtain the perfect combination for speed, spin and control for the 40mm ball."
Although many manufacturers claim to have rubber with the best characteristics of both Chinese and Japanese style rubbers, this rubber truly comes close. Usually a tacky topsheet needs a harder sponge or the rubber is too slow, but the Ultima sponge really gives it the extra power required to make it come off fast enough off the tacky topsheet. The JUIC 999 Ultima Elite is a fully Japanese made rubber, with VERY high spin abilities but still with enough offensive abilities to class it as an offensive style rubber.

Review by Hobbes (published with permission);
999 Elite Ultima- A really great rubber for just about anything. I can't think of a single thing this did badly while playing. Serves had great control and spin, loops came off speedy with a medium arc and kicked off even more on the other side, pushes behaved and were very accurate, and while speed on blocks was only average, they made up for that in control. Smashes were fair, nothing special, but if you half looped/half smashed then you could get some power out of it.