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JUIC 999 Elite nano

"Worldwide first Nano-tech sticky rubber!"

"The first Nano-tech rubber, "Couga", had a great impact on the table tennis world. The inheritor of Nano technology, 999 Elite Nano, carries the power of Couga and the explosive spin force of 999 Elite! The combination creates a fantastic new dimensionto the table tennis world!"

This rubber consists of the JUIC 999 Elite topsheet, with a softer version of the very power JUIC Couga Nano sponge. This is the first tacky rubber that has ever been put onto a nano type sponge.

REVIEW of JUIC 999 Elite Nano: (by Alex)

JUIC 999 Elite Nano (black) MAX on a Stiga Energy WRB:
First Impressions:
The rubber looks looks of the usual very high quality. The topsheet comes with a plastic protection sheet attached, which I like since it's easier to handle when gluing the rubber to the blade. Upon removal of the plastic, the topsheet felt definitekly tacky but only mildly...the topsheet felt a little thin and very elastic.
The sponge looks exactly like the JUIC Couga sponge, but feels quite a bit softer. Upon measurement with ym durometer it came out to about 34deg, whereas tyhe Couga measured about 40deg.
During practice / games:
Control in the short game was very good, my touch and feel seemed a lot better than my normal Globe 999 Nat (glued). I suspect it's a combination of the rubber being slower and less sensitive to incoming spin.

Brush looping was real nice and VERY spinny... I could feel the ball dig into the the fairly soft sponge, and kick back out with huge spin. The great amount of spin produced and the high dwell time gave me great control and feel of the ball... Very slow and spinny loops were very easy to produce, which is much harder to do with most non-tacky rubbers.

Looping hard is where the power of the sponge kicked in.. clearly faster than the JUIC 999 E Ultima, but I doubt it would be near the Couga. The softer sponge gave it a great feel though, and there was a lot of spin on my loops. I was a little slower than my 999 Nat, but since this was glued up, it's not a fair comparison.

The throw of the rubber seem medium, or even medium low. Looping backspin was not effortless like some euro style rubbers, but when you dig it into the sponge a little more, it's still relatively easy. The upside of this is that it's easier to produce spin, even at low speeds.

Hitting and smashing felt nice, and it had a bit of a clicky feel, even though it was not speed glued, and was glued with normal glue 2 days before. The speed of hits was very good and reaonsably accurate. I don't think this rubber is meant for a a hitting style game, as it obviously favours a looping style game, but hitting was quite reasonable for this style of rubber.

I did also notice it was much less sensitive to incoming spin compared to my Globe 999 Nat. I assume this is because it's less tacky, and the topsheet not quite as soft and thick...

On serves it was beautiful, as with most tacky rubbers... it's real easy to generate heavy spin.

To conclude, when it's not speed glued I'd still class this rubber quite fast, but not likely in the same league as the JUIC Couga. Being a softer sponge tacky rubber it has the great advantage of easily doing slow spinney loops, and when you power is need, a fast powerloop. The Energy WRB is barely an OFF- blade, so on a faster blade this rubber would no doubt feel a lot faster...

Speed glued this rubber is likely to be a looping spin and speed monster, it appears to have all the making of it. The soft nano sponge is well known to react very well to glue, so a furtherbig  boost in speed (and spin) is expected..